DryFix is a dry mechanical pinning and remedial tying system. It is used as a replacement wall tie, for securing multiple layers of masonry and for pinning delicate masonry features.

The DryFix system is an effective, simple and economical stress-free connection between all commonly used building materials in cavity and solid masonry constructions without the need for grouts, resins, bonding agent or mechanical expansion.

Retro Tie

Retro Tie is a remedial wall tie with a dry/resin fix. A versatile replacement wall tie, Retro Tie is quick and easy to install and is highly economical and effective. Effective in all common building materials it is comprehensively tested and proven.

Cem Tie

Cem Tie is a grouted tie for stabilizing solid or rubble filled walls. Suitable for lintel repairs and securing multi-layer brick rings in bridges, tunnels and arches.  South Eastern Tie may also specify Cem Tie for reconnecting separated internal and external walls, securing delaminated masonry or repairing parapets, cornices and decorative fascias.  It is a highly cost-effective masonry repair technique which is much quicker and simpler than alternative methods.

Bow Tie

Bow Tie is a long series tie for restraining bowed or bulging building walls by securing them to internal floor joists. This is also a very effective and economical external installation which provides minimum disruption and inconvenience.

Bow Tie HD

Just launched is the new BowTie HD - Heavy Duty version. BowTie HD has a large helical thread with a self cutting end, for a rapid rate of installation, and provides an easy and effective means of securely connecting parallel floor joists. The new tie causes minimal disturbance to the building and its occupants, and ensures rapid stabilization of bulging building walls.

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