Case Studies

Case Study - Runnymede Council

In order to carry out essential repairs on almost 100 properties, Runnymede Council was looking at an initial cost of £20,000 per house. Constructed from weak calcium silicate bricks, the houses were suffering from shrinkage cracking and rotating soldier course lintels.

The solution presented by South East Ties brought the cost down to £3,000; a substantial saving that also provided minimum reduction as it removed the need for scaffolding and the rebuilding of cracked brickwork.

The cost-effective solution

South East Ties created new lintels using the existing brickwork, by bonding stainless steel HeliBars into cut out mortar beds at two levels above each window. These formed masonry beams which supported the brickwork, stitched cracks and distributed the structural loads. Movement joints were created at various locations and additional crack stitching was carried out with cracks being filled and re-pointing undertaken with matching mortar.

This solution of concealed repairs using existing masonry was quicker, had minimal disruption and saved Runnymede Council £17,000 for each property.






Case Study - The Fox & Hound, Watlington, Oxfordshire

The renovation of an old stable bock into hotel accommodation for the Fox & Hound involved major masonry repairs to brickwork and archway. The key problems tackled by South East Ties were the delamination of the brickwork and an unstable arch.


- The old stable block at the
Fox & Hound before renovation 

After - South East Ties reinforced the brickwork to allow the renovation to be completed

The solution was to use a series of Cem Ties to reinforce the brickwork and a Helibeam Masonry load bearing beam was created above the arch so repairs could be safely carried out.


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