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The Helibeam System

The unique Helibeam System of structural reinforcement is an advanced remedial strategy from Helifix.  It provides rapid, versatile and cost-effective restoration to buildings and structures with cracked masonry due to ground movement, weathering or increased loads and stresses. 

The main service from Helibeam and South East Ties is stress-free horizontal bed-joint reinforcement which ties masonry together, creating deep masonry beams which distribute the structural loads.  Ties and fixings give lateral and vertical restraint to complete the system, which is suitable to all types of masonry structures.

Stress free ‘overpinning’ is a structurally sound alternative is also offered at a significant reduced cost to mass underpinning and other traditional repair methods.  With concrete pads under building corners, or at selected points, the Helibeam System can be used to create girder beams in the masonry which forms a clear span between the pads to redistribute loads.

The Helibeam System is easy to install, and causes the minimum disruption to the building and its occupants. It is equally effective on houses, bridges and listed or heritage properties.

Remedial Wall Tiles

During the free on-site survey South East Ties will specify if necessary remedial wall ties. Wall ties are an important structural component ensuring the stability of the outer leaf of a cavity wall. Where corrosion has set in or wall ties are missing or broken, then remedial ties will be required.


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